10 Fixes for Organizational Problem Areas

The new year feels like a fresh start and the perfect time to make goals. At the top of the list for many is creating a home that is clean and functional. Today we’ve found common problem areas throughout your home and found inspirations and ideas for keeping them organized.

The Office

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Most of us are overwhelmed with paperwork–mail, bills, invitations, important documents, school flyers, etc. Having a dedicated room with plenty of cabinets, drawers, and files ensures that you have a place to put it all. Make a goal to deal with all paper that enters the house immediately instead of throwing them on the counter, Those piles add up and become overwhelming to deal with later. No space in your house for an office? No problem, consider adding a secretary to an unused corner that can be opened and closed as needed.


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The Kitchen

estillo Kitchen

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A clean, beautifully styled kitchen has to stay clutter free. Limit the number of items that you leave out on your counters. If an appliance or utensil is ugly or rarely used, put it away. For the essentials, one way of making them feel intentional is to gather them on a tray. I especially like to do this by the sink with hand soap, dish soap, and a candle or plant.


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Find drawer organizers that make sense for your drawers and needs. Categorized by function or size and give everything a dedicated place that is easily seen and found.

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Keep your pantry shelves organized with clear canisters that keep food fresh and visible. Use one of these step-shelves to make it easy to see each row of cans and spices.


The Bedroom

spanish colonial master bedroom

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One problem spot in the bedroom is a cluttered nightstand. Books, lotions, tv remotes, phones, and laptops can overwhelm a small space. If you like to keep all your bedroom necessities close by when you’re in bed, consider upgrading your nightstands. Not only will this give plenty of storage space, but also is often in better proportion to a large bed or room. Another option is to use a small dresser as a bedside table. In our Heber House Bunk Room we used a white campaign dresser that provides plenty of room.


Becki Owens and Jamie Bellessa Heber House Project


Becki Owens Estillo Project


Keep extra books and magazines off the floor and furniture by displaying them on floating shelves or picture ledges. Bonus, this also makes a colorful display that works like a gallery wall of art.


The Closet

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Without a plan, shoes become a jumbled mess on the floor of your closet. Keep them organized and well cared for by storing each pair in stackable clear boxes.

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This is a great idea for keeping jewelry organized. If you don’t a free closet cupboard, it would be easy to do on the back of the closet or master bathroom door.


The Bathroom

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I have two favorite ways to keep my bathrooms looking clutter free. One is to use pretty glass canisters to contain items like q-tips, cotton balls and makeup essentials. The other is to use baskets to keep other necessities close by but out of site. Throw extra towels in one basket, toilet paper in another, and even cleaning supplies in a third if you have the space. This helps your bathroom always look put together without losing functionality.

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Organizing your home takes some time but trying out these storage solutions can help make your effort last all year long. Thanks for stopping by today! Check back daily for more design tips and inspiration.


10 tips for organizing your homes

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