10 Clever Ideas for your Built-in Bunk Room

Becki Owens Summit Creek Project / Rebekah Westover Photography

Do you love built-in bunk rooms as much as we do? So functional, they are perfect for everyday room sharing or maximizing the number of guests you can invite to the cabin. And they don’t just have to be for kids, sophisticated details make them pretty enough for the adults. Take a look at these ten different built-in bunk room ideas.

Make it a Queen

Becki Owens Double Eagle Project / Mykals Architectural Photography

Bunk rooms aren’t just for kids. Make your space more versatile by making one or two of your bunk beds a queen.

Built-in Storage

Cortney Bishop

While your building your bunks, make the space even more functional by working in storage. In this space, we love the dresser drawers between the bunks, and the pull out drawers below beneath the lower beds.

Hang Curtains

Sarah Sherman Samuel

Can you imagine how long the kids would sleep in this cozy dark space?! It’s functional, but also extra lux.

Decorative Woodwork

Nicole Davis

The Chippendale railing on this upper bunk is so beautiful. We love the way it adds pattern to the white space.

Go Dark

Smith Hanes Studio

Bunk rooms are inherently fun. Embrace it with a bold color you might not usually use.

Make it Two-Tone

Mindy Gayer Design

Neutral doesn’t have to be boring. Pick a different color or wood tone for your ladders and railings to make them pop.

Illuminate with Sconces

Becki Owens Brio ProjectAlyssa Ence Photography

Because your upper bunks will need light, make your sconces a major part of the design. We love the modern articulating sconces we used in our Brio Bunks (they’re on sale!).

Add Stairs

Chango and Co

Stairs make your bunks feel more sophisticated, less summer camp. The open stairs in this space could double as book shelves or storage in baskets.

Keep it Natural

Amber Interiors

Natural wood and clean lines make this built-in bunk feel sophisticated. Another tip? Definitely consider creating a headboard for your bunk with a custom sized pillow.

Layer with Shiplap

Becki Owens Town Center Bunk Room / Alyssa Ence Photography

Add interest to the room will shiplap walls behind your bunks. The horizontal lines mimic those of the bunk. It’s a pretty look.

Hope these beautiful bunk room spaces give you some ideas for your own built-ins!




One thought on “10 Clever Ideas for your Built-in Bunk Room

  1. Gaylene Knowles says:

    Hi! Beautiful bunkbed inspiration! Hope to do this someday in my house.
    I am actually after a few of your very dark colors!
    Love them and haven’t been able to pull the trigger on my walls.
    My question is:
    Have these dark greens, dark teals and Dark blues been added to your paint guide and has your paint guide been updated since 2019:)
    I try and keep up with you as I am Old family friends with the Gary Ward family in San Clemente.!
    Thanks for your help.
    -Gaylene Knowles

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