Moroccan and Cement Tile Trends

Moroccan and Cement tiles are having a major moment right now. You may have seen them when browsing interior design without recognizing their unique quality. These tiles are made using different colors of clay rather than glaze to create the patterns. As the tiles wear down their unique design never wears away. These timeless tiles are great for bathroom floors, shower walls and kitchen backslashes. I’m currently drooling over many and looking forward to using them in upcoming projects.


I love the mix of a modern vanity with the Moroccan style tile on the left. The bathroom floor on the right has no need for a rug. The beautiful pattern of the tile makes the space come alive.

A unique black and white pattern display from these moroccan tiles.


This blue and white beautiful cement tile is calling for a mediterranean kitchen.

cement tiles inspiration becki owens

I love the surprise these clay tiles bring to a smaller space. They add an old world, traveled, charm.


Tile Picks

moroccan and cement tiles becki owens

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You can find all the sources for the pictures used in today’s post here.


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