Guest Prep: 8 Tips For Styling Your Kitchen

During the holidays your kitchen becomes the true heart of the home with family and guests gathering around cooking, snacking, and chatting. Today’s guest prep is all about how to refresh this important space. We are not focusing on a kitchen overhaul (although if your interested be sure to read this post on an affordable white kitchen makeover), but instead sharing easy ideas on how to style your kitchen to leave it feeling fresh and pretty.

Declutter and Deep Clean

Sarahliz Lawson Design

Before you start styling your kitchen, you have to make sure that you declutter the space. Get rid of the junk mail stack, hide away your ugly tupperware, and only leave out your prettiest essentials.

Update your Linens

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Dishcloths don’t have to just be useful, they can also be a beautiful and affordable layer of texture and color in the kitchen. Look for an interesting color or pattern. I especially love the texture of turkish towels. They cost very little, but update your kitchen with an interesting global textile that looks fresh and on trend.


Display A Few Pieces of Pretty Cookware

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Leave your prettiest cookware out on display. I like adding a pop of color with a pretty Le Creuset dutch oven, but a shiny stainless steel stockpot or rustic copper saucepan also look beautiful.


Add A Decorative Tray

Park and Oak Design

Kelly Nutt Design

One way to make kitchen necessities look intentional is to style them together on a tray or wooden cheese board. This is an idea you can use for your oils and your most used spices, a welcoming tray of drinks and snacks, or to collect hand soap and a great smelling candle by the sink. One fun idea to consider is to display your soaps and scents on a beautiful marble cake stand.


Streamline your Open Shelves

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Open shelving can be strictly decorative and styled with plants, art, antiques, and pottery or used as useful storage. If your shelves display your everyday dishes, you want to make sure they still look pretty. Streamline the look by sticking to the essentials. For example, you might get rid of the teacups and saucers that came with your set if this is something you never use, or buy low rimmed pasta dishes that can serve as both small plates and soup bowls.

Layer Decor

natural wood kitchen

Becki Owens

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Style your counters by layering several cutting and cheese boards. The grain of the wood, the shape of the board, and a bit of marble or brass becomes a work of art. Enrich the look by mixing in an oil or watercolor. Or think about displaying some of your prettiest cookbooks.


Add a Pop of Color with a Rug

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My favorite way to add warmth and interest to a kitchen is to add a rug. It adds color, protects wooden floors, and is easy to vacuum. You could go with a vintage runner for a unique look, or chose a durable flat-weave or jute.


Finish with Fresh Greens or Florals

Savvy Interiors

Cottonwood and Co

The quickest and least expensive way to breath new life into any space is to add a plant or fresh cut florals. You might add a succulent, fresh potted herbs, or go outside and collect branches of fall leaves. So pretty and a perfect way to celebrate the season.

Thanksgiving is around the corner, but these styling tips are a quick and easy way to make sure your kitchen is ready for guests. If you missed it, check out this post to catch up on our Guest Prep Series, or this post for ideas on decorating your Thanksgiving table..



8 Tips for Styling Your Kitchen



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