Design Trend 2018: Mixed Wood Tones

Mixing up the wood tones of your finishes and furniture creates a cool effortless vibe in your space. It feels more organic, less perfectly planned. It adds layers of depth and interest while making it easy for your style to evolve as you find furniture and styling pieces you love no matter the wood tone. Today we are showing ten examples of why mixed wood tones is a trend to embrace and how to make the look work.


Becki Owens

The wood mixing in our Vidriosa Project Kitchen is subtle, but the play between light and medium tone woods keeps the white kitchen interesting. A move toward medium wood tones is another trend we’re seeing. If you missed it, read about it here.


Becki Owens and Jamie Bellessa

Light colored wood rattan chairs keep the library from our Heber House Project from feeling too heavy with the dark wood floors and beams. A patterned rug helps transition one wood tone to the next.


Coco and Jack

Rustic wood against a more polished dark herringbone style floor is all this room needs to feel interesting. Fresh white everything else keeps the focus on the contrasting wood tones and ensures the space doesn’t feel too busy.


Marie Flanigan Interiors

This neutral living room is amazing because it plays not only with wood tone, but texture. Love the rough beams with the woven chair and polished side tables. Oh and the coffee table makes a statement on its own.


Timothy Godbold

Don’t make the mistake of thinking your wooden nightstands need to match the wood of your bed. Look how pretty this dark bed frame is in contrast to the white-washed nightstands and light oak floors. Against all your neutrals, keep things interesting by adding a pop of color or metallic shine like Godbold does in this serene bedroom.


Loom and Kilm for home owner Ali Hynek

Mixing woods does not mean your space has to stay neutral. MIxed woods look beautiful in this space even with the colored cabinets and bold rug. You can be sure your mixed wood feel intentional by sticking to two tones. The dark wood is carried from the island to the open shelving, while the light tone of the wood floor is picked up in the barstool.


Brooke Wagner Design

If you like the idea of mixing your wood tones, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the look. You can simply add some styling accessories. The furniture and finishes in this fresh kitchen stay light, but medium and dark tone wood vases and spoons add depth. Styling with layered cutting boards is another way to play with wood tones in the kitchen.


Kate Lester Interiors

The color variations in this reclaimed wood makes such a pretty statement. With so much rustic color and pattern going on in the ceiling and doors, Kate Lester nails it by keeping the styling simple and refined.


heber house projectBecki Owens and Jamie Bellessa

In our Heber House Master Bedroom we layered several wood tones–light beams, dark bed, a dark antiqued wood bench and white-washed nightstands–and then chose a mirror that ties them all together.


Mixing up your wood tones helps your space feel updated and collected. It allows you to layer your home with older purchases, new finds, and family heirlooms. Just keep in mind some of the ideas above so that your wood mixing feels pretty and intentional.

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